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Welcome Player! You have been chosen to participate in the newly-revived Chaos/Order virtual reality MMORPG, where you will have the opportunity to fight for survival amongst other skilled competitors that wish to be the one to be the last one standing and claim their fortune! In debt? Need money? Say no more! Put everything you have on the line and participate today! Will you receive a "Death Sentence" or win it all? How much is your life worth? Join now!

Chaos/Order Re:Start

The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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PostSubject: Severin Ravenna   Severin Ravenna I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2018 1:10 am

Name: Severin Ravenna
Alias: Zumar
Age and Gender: 25-year old Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Anime Picture Base: Archer - Fate/Stay Night
Severin Ravenna Fate-stay-night-archer-vs-lancer

Personality: Zumar is a loner by nature but is willing to work with others when deeming necessary.
Background Story: Severin Ravenna is the son of an Italian businessman and a French-Arabic opera singer. His mother passed away when he was younger and he was forced to look after his younger brother while his father would go on business trips. Severin's father had owed the mob a lot of money due to a failed business venture but died in a car accident. Severin has inherited this debt and must survive to save himself and his younger brother.

Class: Dual Wielder
Weapon of Choice: Twin Sabers
Attack Moves:
Aura Slash - a double slash technique where Severin puts part of his life force into his swords. He's able to physically hurt enemies or bypass their defense and attack their life force. The attack high-speed magic too.
Moonlight Sonata- A rising slash, attacking everyone in a radius.
Sword Dance - A high-speed combo ending with a powerful strike.

Defense Moves:
Blade Reflection -
a counter slash that deflects projectiles

Special Attacks:
War Trance - Severin goes into a trance-like state where his senses and combat reflexes are heightened. Uses up a lot of energy.

Special Skills:

Godspeed - Severin is able to move at high speeds to maneuver around opponents

Discord Name:
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