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PostSubject: Michiko Kai: The Grim   Michiko Kai: The Grim I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2018 10:42 pm

Name: Michiko Kai
Alias: Static Reaper (Due to her power of electricity) The Grim
Age and Gender: 19 years old and Female
Alignment*: Anti- Hero

Anime Picture Base: Rock (From Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~)
Michiko Kai: The Grim 5TTZvYf

Personality: Calm, Quiet, can be blunt but doesn’t always mean to be towards others. Michiko tries her hardest to stay calm and level headed due to her powers connected to her emotions. If she lets her emotions get out of hand, her left eye with show it by a flame appearing there. Different colours meant different feelings: Red (Rage), Yellow (Fear), Orange (Nervous), Green (Jealousy), Grey (Sorrow), Warm Pink (Love) etc. The Blue flame, which stands for her getting ready for Battle, is the one that appears often....but when she isn't fighting, Michiko hides her Left eye with a white eye-patch.
Background Story: Not much can be said about Michiko Kai’s story. She was an orphan at the young age of Four after her mother and father left her alone and never came back. Due to being left as a child, she was forced to live with her aunt far away from her home. When Michiko turned ten, she started to learn about the emotional powers she had. At first it scared her but after a few months, Michiko’s aunt told about the Kai Family curse of the Flames and why she was left behind. Learning of the reason, Michiko spent years teaching herself how to control her emotions and shut herself from the world so she never had to show people what she was feeling...that is till she turned 16.

At age 16, Michiko’s Aunt was killed by man who broke into their home on late night. Michiko tried to save her Aunt’s life but it was too late. The man killed her aunt in front of her eyes which enraged Michiko, which pushed her to kill the man in return. That night was the first time Michiko killed but it was also the night Michiko was left alone in the world again. The Night after the funeral of her, Michiko was met by a man in a hood. He did not say a word to her, only gave her a simple nod and slowly handed her a black chin with a small scythe hanging from it. Taking the Black Chin from the man that night was basically her signing a contact that led her to doing Deaths work.

So in Michiko’s eyes, sorrow and death seemed to follow her everywhere which made it hard for her to ever get close to people, even at the age of 19 when she returned to the city she was born in. Due to everything, all the death that came around her and or she caused, Michiko Kai still remain trying to be a protector of people---without getting too close to them.
The Reason Why You're in Debt:
Years before Michiko Kai moved back to her city, she was met by Death and became The Grim. Now, trying to break free from Death himself, she believes that if she could make it through Chaos/Order, she could break free from him....or die trying. Whichever came first.

Class: Sorcerer
Weapon of Choice: Vorpal Scythe (A rather large Scythe that is wrapped with Black Chins. Michiko is very hard hitting and will strike at any moment with her Scythe. All she has to do is pull off the Black Chin necklace around her neck and her Scythe appears in her hand.)
Attack Moves:

- Death From Above (Just simple heavy strikes by her scythe after jumping in the air and crashing the Scythe down on her Opponent. If she misses and the Scythe gets stuck, Michiko can send a electric shock wave from her body through the Scythe, hitting damage on her opponent anyway )

- Slice and Dice (Michiko would spin the Scythe around her head before striking her opponent, than after slicing her opponent once, she would pull her Scythe back, slicing them a second time)

- Electric Strike (Michiko would hold her Scythe back behind her, charging her Electric from her body to the Scythe before Strike the on coming opponent)

- Lightning Field (While swinging her Scythe at her opponent, Sparks of lightning shoot off at them as well. The harder Michiko swings, the more lightening shoots out of the Scythe)

Defense Moves:
- Swords of Concealing Light (Due to being The Grim, Michiko can summon bodies of the lost souls for defense/attack. The rotting bodies of the dead would come from the ground with swords and daggers on them, ready to do Michiko’s bidding. Thought it is rare for her to use this Defense move, giving she is trying to break away from Death himself.)

- Black Moths (Michiko has a Dodging ability, which turns her into a fast-moving cluster of black Moths to evade attacks.)
Special Attacks:
Michiko Kai: The Grim T8mfkYy
- Raw Rage (When Michiko gets close to Death, everything about her changes. Her outfit and hair changes from black to white while her blue flame in her left eye changes to blood red. With this, her abilities that include her speed, power, stamina & strikes will be at full force...which makes it hard to stop her. )

Special Skills:
-Blue Static (Electrification. This special ability was given to Michiko by Death, the only gift she was willing to take from him. This  ability give her power to emit electricity out of her body as a sort of protective aura that electrocutes anyone through contact. When using this skill, Michiko gains a defense mechanism that shocks those who touch her. If her emits enough electricity, it automatically discharges in all directions, shocking anyone close to her, regardless of contact.)

Discord Name: Tarebear✗
Special Information: If Michiko meets someone that she connects with on a friend level or more; at first she tries her hardest to stay clear of them. She believes herself as a Jinx of Sorrow & Death since birth and doesn't want to lose anyone in that way. Now If that doesnt work(And she tries for a while to keep away from people), Michiko would slowly let them into her world; showing them who she is and everything about her. After all of that, She would protect them with her life and make sure no harm will come their way.
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Michiko Kai: The Grim
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