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Welcome Player! You have been chosen to participate in the newly-revived Chaos/Order virtual reality MMORPG, where you will have the opportunity to fight for survival amongst other skilled competitors that wish to be the one to be the last one standing and claim their fortune! In debt? Need money? Say no more! Put everything you have on the line and participate today! Will you receive a "Death Sentence" or win it all? How much is your life worth? Join now!

Chaos/Order Re:Start

The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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Name: Levi Nathan

Alias: Leviathan

Age and Gender: 29/Male

Alignment: Villain


Anime Picture Base: Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Personality: "Arrogance" doesn't even begin to describe the aura Levi carries with him on a daily basis. Any and all faults he has, he makes up for one way or another with his constant need to be the center of attention and lust for fame and fortune. Having spent the vast majority of his life being wealthy, he quickly developed a superiority complex, as well as a deep-seeded hatred for those he deems well below him. His sociopathic ways have given him virtually no moral compass and seeing others in pain, be it physical or mental, have done nothing but fascinate and inspire him to inflict it all himself. His competitive nature tends to get the better of him as he often bites off more than he can chew, making him too stubborn and proud to know when to retreat.

Background Story: Levi Nathan grew up his entire life knowing nothing but money and success, as his entire family was a dynasty built upon brilliant minds. From birth, he was destined to do great things. His father and his father's father, and so on had all been famous for building businesses and making investments. Levi grew up believing he too was destined for this greatness. His family's good fortune did nothing but build a bubble around him in which he believed there was no chance of failure for him in the future - that his extraordinary life was all but secured and written in stone.

Of course, none of this came to fruition. His polarizing personality did nothing but alienate virtually anyone he came into contact with that could have served to make him a better person, while he surrounded himself with sycophants who only aimed to use him for their own personal advantage. He never cared for making allies or building his future, as he believed it was all set for him regardless. Instead he partied and whored around and spent every dime he was given by his family until they eventually realized, along with every other person who met him, that he was utterly hopeless and a borderline psychopath.

His family cut him off, and thus Levi began a life of crime, feeling truly free for the first time in his life as he no longer had to abide by anyone's rules and could indulge in his more well-hidden desires to steal and rape and kill.

The Reason Why You're in Debt: Having been fortunate enough to grow up wealthy, Levi had what seemed like an endless supply of money to spend on drugs, prostitutes, and, of course, gambling. Levi never concerned himself with winning, but with the sheer thrill that gambling gave him as he threw away hundreds to thousands to perhaps even millions of dollars on anything he could find to make him feel alive. Once his family cut him off, Levi was left with an absurd amount of debt with no one to pay it off for him. Of course, this never bothered him too much as he continued on with his psychotic and narcissistic ways, eluding loan sharks for years before finding out about the newly-revived Chaos/Order game, in which those who participate will have a golden opportunity to get rid of their debts. Levi didn't care about that, but the details of the  dangerous game of death made him feel truly alive. It was his first step towards getting all the money he could ever want, and to truly feeling alive by murdering others without consequence.


Class: Elementalist

Weapon of Choice: Water

Attack Moves:

*Water Gun - Levi forms a gun hand gesture and shoots projects dense water at high speeds, able to easily shoot through cement and steel.
*Aqua Spikes - Spikes of water that Levi can summon, but currently only able to do one at a time.
*Hydro Blade - A single melee weapon of water that Levi can shift into anything at his will during battle.

Defense Moves:

*Evaporation - The ability to completely evaporate into the air for a short amount of time.
*Bubble - Levi creates a large bubble of water around him, using it to heal, but only so long as it's not disturbed.
*Soak - Levi uses the water in his body to create spikes all over it to block incoming attacks or to escape from an opponent's grasp.

Special Attacks:

*Dive - Levi creates various puddles of water that he is able to jump into any of and come out of any at his
own will as a method of teleportation.
*Whirlpool - A literal whirlpool that grows in size, pulling in everything nearby. Not even Levi is able to
easily escape its grasp.
*Scald - Levi coats the palms of his hands with extremely hot temperature water, using it to scorch through armor and weapons and skin of opponents.


Discord Name:

Special Information: Levi is very good at deception, often preferring to draw his opponent's attention away from him to gain the upperhand.
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Levi Nathan/Leviathan
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