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The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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For Picture Bases, remember to choose only Human or Human-looking pic bases. This will be how your character looks like outside of the gaming world, while outfits and additional weapons are added in the C/O Re:Start World. Everyone will start at the bottom tier of their class and will level up as the chapters progress. You also have the ability to choose, personalize and name your weapons.


Armor Type: Medium
Example Weapons: Rapier, Small-Swords, Katanas, Hook Swords, Butterfly Swords
Class Description: Dual-Wielders are able to take on the task of battling with two weapons. They are great for doing moderate amounts of damage to exposed enemies, but requires a decent amount of protecting to prevent extreme damage; without can cause them to die from raids easily.

Armor Type: Light and Medium
Example Weapons: Longbow, Crossbow, Recurve Bow, Self Bow
Class Description: Archers are made for perfect range strategy, when you're in need of doing good damage from a distance. There are archers who prefer to medium-range distance who do more damage from afar, then there's agile archers who's great perk is doing quick damage from any range, but both risks of either taking a massive amount of damage when up close with the enemy, depending on their armor.

Armor Type: Heavy
Example Weapons: Broad Sword, Battle Axe, War Hammer, Long Sword, Great Sword
Class Description: One-handed users are often the buffed players, with high statistics in defensive tactics. They're considered the damage sponges, while also delivering a great amount of damage; given the correct perks. But one-handed also has the flaw of slow movement speed when dressed in heavy armor. It makes them an easy exploit when causing damage, despite their defense, if they're on caught without assistance from their party... group of enemies will be able to take them out.

Armor Type: Medium
Example Weapons: None. They work with their chosen elements.
Class Description: Elementalists are a very unique and diverse class, given the fact that they're able to manipulate the four elements using special bracers; in fire, water, earth, and air. Each elementalist will start off with one chosen element, obtaining more through gaining experience and leveling up. When they unlock a new element, they will be able to use it on a whim, there's no restriction to it. However, they're easily picked apart when caught off guard in closeup combat, given that they're unable to defend themselves with weapons, since elementalists are not able to use any.

Armor: Light
Example weapons: Knives, Daggers, Short Swords, Ninja Stars, Small Blades
Class Description: Rogues are considered the assassins, one minute you see them... the next you don't. They're very agile and quick on their feet, due to their usage of light armor. They can get around places easily, dealing a great amount of damage at a quick pace. But when caught, they can practically die in a few blows due to lack of stronger armor and small amount of health.

Armor: Light & Medium
Example weapons: Staff, Wands, Hand Magic, Scythes
Descriptions: Sorcerers are very powerful users in the arts of magic. They're able to create projections, conjure strong spells, take out groups of enemies on a dime under the right circumstances. While they're also considered great at doing damage, they're also a reliable support source in groups; with the ability to self-heal and heal others. As every class has a flaw, their flaw is that the more usage of spells and magic that they use, the more energy that goes into it wearing them down. The rapid spell firing can cause their cool down on spells to grow longer, but with leveling the cool down bar extends allowing them to cast spells more frequently and efficiently.
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