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The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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Name: Rokurō Naya
Alias: Rock
Age and Gender: 27/Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Anti-Hero, although he can often be confused for a Neutral party due to his pragmatic attitude, occasional streaks of ruthlessness towards those who insist upon getting in his way and resistance to getting himself involved with any situation that he has little to nothing to do with (even if it would mean potentially saving an innocent person).

Anime Picture Base (Provide a Picture): Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)
Rock       Cowboy-Bebop.Spike-Spiegel-HTC-Windows-Phone-8X-wallpaper.720x1280

Personality: Rokurō is a highly reckless, pragmatic, slothful, nonchalant, indifferent, laid back, sarcastic and lazy person. An individual who prefers to play by his own rules, seeks out things that happen to actually interest him and remains rather secretive about the more personal details of his life. He’s not exactly looking to make friends in the game, but he won’t exactly bother trying to stop others from making temporary alliances with him if they really want to (so long as they don't end up actually giving him a specific reason to refuse their request). His laid-back demeanor and carefree attitude towards most situations actually masks multiple hints of a much darker and even somewhat tragic side to his personality including his occasionally bleak, even borderline misanthropic view of the world; his dry, sharp, cynical sense of humor which he'll gladly unleash upon someone for not being able to control their ego or just generally annoying him to no end and his own bitter self-loathing for how unpleasant he ended up becoming as a person. He’s also surprisingly intelligent and cunning, more than capable of coming up with an effective plan of attack or an exit strategy to keep fighting for another day, even sometimes acting clueless or distracted to deliberately mislead his enemies into underestimating him. He can easily seem rather self-centered and disinterested in everything that’s going on around him, when combined with his policy of not involving himself in most situations that don't directly involve him. It possibly gives others around him the false impression that he’s apathetic, amoral or even just careless/unwilling to care about how he's supposed to handle other people's emotions or helping others. He's also not exactly a big fan of getting too wrapped up in his own feelings because doing so usually results in him causing trouble for everybody else involved and making even more bad/dumb decisions that he’ll just end up regretting in the long run. Yet despite his unpleasant qualities, Rokurō still does have a good heart and, whether he admits it or not, is more caring than he prefers to let on and more than willing to help out others without necessarily expecting anything in return. He's also rarely confrontational, having a strong preference for avoiding getting into any unnecessary fights whenever one presents itself to him unless directly provoked or angered/bored enough.

Background Story: The youngest of two sons, born to Hiraku and Miyuki Naya. Rokurō was raised by strict parents who were controlling, unreasonable and patronizing. Constantly hounded by his penny-pinching mother, who often randomly began chewing him and his older brother out for even the smallest of perceived slights against her. His father, an extremely arrogant man who did absolutely nothing to stop the constant verbal abuse that was hurled at him and continued treating him like a 5 year old even as he grew up to become a fairly well-adjusted young man.

Nonetheless, his older brother did everything he possibly could to reassure and comfort him despite the constant verbal abuse shelled upon them. Yet, as they both grew older they both gradually began to realize the sheer futility of their situation at home. Despite their best efforts to try and please their parents, it soon became obvious that they’d never truly be satisfied with any direction they’d end up taking their lives in. Their overly-controlling ways soon became more and more unbearable to the brothers, who both gradually began to openly rebel against their parents.

Eventually, it simply became too much for them to continue bearing with and the brothers ended up running off to try and make new lives for themselves. Now homeless, Rokurō had to quickly resort to petty theft, helping his older brother in his attempts to scam gullible people out of their hard-earned money, taking on various dead-end jobs and eventually living off of welfare to pay for their various…”habits”. As time went by, Rokurō began to grow distant from his older brother. Gradually becoming more and more concerned about his growing involvement in criminal activity, carelessness and amorality. They started getting into some pretty heated arguments, culminating in them no longer even being on speaking terms with one another anymore.

This lasted for a long while until he came home one night after a long night of drinking with his friends, and found out that his older brother was gone. No letter. No explanation. He assumed that he’d simply grown tired of the constant arguing and decided to live on his own. Months passed by, without any word from him. He’d begun to believe that his older brother decided to completely cut off all contact with him, until he turned on the news and learned about a little game by the name of Chaos/Order. 400,000 players were forcibly sent into the world of C/O, and only three managed to survive. The names of all whom were killed in the game was revealed to the public, he thought nothing of it at first, but when they stated that almost every player who participated was a missing person...his heart began to sink. He frantically searched for the name of his brother among those who perished. He foolishly hoped that his name wouldn't pop up among the hundreds of thousands, that he'd been fortunate enough of all people to have been spared, that somehow he was still out there. Alas, when he finally read the name that he'd been looking for, he snapped back into reality and came to one sobering conclusion. Yoshitomo Naya was dead.

The Reason Why You're in Debt: Rokurō sunk into a deep depression following that day. His light social drinking almost overnight grew into a complete and utter dependency on alcohol in a desperate attempt to try coping with the death of Yoshitomo. The only member of his family he really had left and who he had always admired. It already hurt seeing him slowly turn out the way he did, but for him to have his life cut so short by some game? A game created solely to serve as the entertainment of the game company’s CEO and his wealthy friends? It felt like a sick joke was being played on him, something he never imagined would actually happen in the real world. Due to his constant gambling, drinking and procuring of prostitutes. Rokurō was now at least $40,000 in debt, and seriously considering every single one of his options. It seemed there would be no other way out of the hole he’d dug for himself. Until he was approached by a dark and shady figure, an individual who somehow knew of his dire financial situation. Who explained to him that he would receive a single opportunity to not only climb out of debt but find some financial stability for once in his life. The figure explained to him that if he managed to survive a new version of the infamous MMO named Chaos/Order, he could be set for life. It upset him like nothing else. It made him absolutely sick to his goddamn stomach…but he had no choice but to accept it, he couldn’t help but to be angry at himself, and at the evil fuckers who honestly thought bringing this accursed game back was at all a good idea. Still...if he wins and manages to survive, he’ll finally be able to build a new life for himself and pursue his dreams of becoming a musician like he always wanted to. Yet on the other hand, he fears that all this will do is remind him of what he once could've had. That he'll just end up making the same mistakes all over again like he had already done before. That he'll end up dead without finally making amends with himself and letting all of his pain go...

Class: Elementalist
Weapon of Choice: Earth (As he levels up and continues to grow as a user of Earth, he will gradually be able to incorporate the usage of other earth-based things like Crystals, Sand, Mud and Metal into his fighting abilities.)
Attack Moves: Hard Impact (Rokurō encases an arm or leg in rock; allowing him to deal a powerful blow against an opponent while being protected from direct contact with his opponent.)

Fissure/Earthquake (By striking the ground with his feet or fists, Rokurō can create localized earthquakes or fissures to throw opponents off-balance. This same process can be used to sculpt a landmass or to slice large chunks of rock clean off a surface to create avalanches or rock falls.)

Rising Earth Spears (This technique allows Rokurō to condense mud or stone from the ground and shape it into spikes that protrude from the ground in order to skewer the target. The spikes cannot penetrate targets of greater density.)

Flying Stones (After slamming his hands on the ground, Rokurō sends a multitude of rocks from the ground to fly at the target.)

Defense Moves: Earth Wall (Rokurō creates a solid wall of earth as a form of defense, can be used to protect both himself and his allies.)

Earth Shield (A levitated slab of rock that can also double as a shield when positioned in front of Rokurō. This can also be performed with a slab or sheet of bedrock thrust out of the earth's surface. The shield can be hurled at his opponent for quick retaliation.)

Earth Armor (Rokurō brings rocks, dust or pebbles around him and molds them together to fit his body and create something akin to armor. He can also hide inside the earth by bending the rock around himself as a shell. This move is great for defense, especially against fire. It isn’t quite as effective for offensive moves, since it limits his range of motion but can be used to create extendable weapons to strike an enemy with.)

Earth Shelter (Rokurō surrounds himself with earth, taken from the immediate vicinity and creates a formation of rock that is capable of protecting both himself and others in close proximity, if desired. Doing so, seemingly leaves the surrounding terrain unaltered, even when the quantity of earth used is enough to form a complete dome around multiple individuals. The user can also manipulate the resulting shelter to have openings in it to be able to observe outside.)

Mobile Earth Core (This technique grants Rokurō the ability to lower or raise the ground in the surrounding area, allowing him to create giant holes or elevations in the ground. The size of the affected area as well as the depths that it is lowered or raised to is also up to him. With precise timing, this technique can be used to evade incoming attacks, as well as to endanger opponents by moving them into the path of an oncoming attack reducing their reaction time as well as knocking them off balance, making it even harder to avoid the attack. Other than being moved below or above ground — relative to the surrounding surface — the terrain is not altered as plant life and people retain their same positions when this technique is used.)

Special Attacks: The Weight of the World (By using its ample amount of brute strength, Rokurō uses the Son of Gaia to lift up the very surface of the Earth. The lump of earth is gigantic, guaranteeing its destructive power. But even just the visual impact can be enough to make enemies lose their fighting spirits and run away. The ball of earth is then hurled at his opponent, flattening everything in its path.)

Earth Wave (Rokurō creates a massive wave of earth to ride on and use as a form of transportation. Can also be forced outward and used as an extremely powerful offensive attack.)

Earth Splitter (By flowing concentrated energy from his palms into the ground, Rokurō can tear the earth apart, creating large chasms. The length, width, direction, and curve of the chasm are shaped and fashioned by him depending on his intended use of the technique. Allowing him to divide the space between the enemy and himself/his allies in two, destroy enemy camps or defences, and even to attack.)

Twin Mountain Sandwich Press (Rokurō creates two enormous rock formations that close in on the opponent from opposing sides with tremendous force, smashing everything caught in between. Both of these formations are capable of dwarfing even the Son of Gaia in size. This attack requires an immense amount of concentration to successfully pull off, and Rokurō will be completely exhausted and most likely pass out from the very usage of this devastating attack.)

Special Skills: Seismic Sense (This skill enables Rokurō to detect vibrations in the ground to perceive objects, people and other aspects of his environment, essentially acting as a form of sonar, but through earth.)

Wall Crawling (This skill allows Rokurō to attach himself to stone surfaces and remain off the ground for long periods of time. Therefore, giving him the unique ability to cling onto a rocky surface and magnetize his limbs to any type of stone, making wall-scaling much simpler in the appropriate circumstances, and even allowing him to hang upside down.)

Son of Gaia (Rokurō creates a large, humanoid construct/golem composed entirely of rock. Possessing an ample amount of brute strength and durability, this golem can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes as additional support or as a mobile shield. If he doesn't have enough time to manifest the entire body, he can usually manifest a limb or two first to buy enough time for the full body to form.)

Earth Flight (A skill where Rokurō uses his control over earth to take chunks of solid rock from the ground to support his own weight and float in mid-air, using it as an exceptionally fast method of transportation if needed. By increasing the size of the platform, Rokurō can transport others along with him or even grant someone else their own platform of solid rock to fly on.)

Subterranean Voyage (Rokurō can move through the earth to out-maneuver his foes either by opening tunnels or by pulling the earth past himself, literally swimming through the ground. Allowing him to close in on the enemy at high speed. Since being under the ground is a blind spot, the target has no warning; allowing the user to launch a surprise attack. He can also simply hide deep in the ground, escaping to a depth where the enemy can't reach. It also appears that after digging, the ground can be returned to its original state, leaving no trace of where he entered the earth.)

Discord Name: Someone You Don't Know
Special Information:

  • Rokurō is a 3rd Dan black belt in Shōtōkan karate, which he began practicing as a desperate attempt at self-improvement (which didn't really work out very well in the long run) and soon discovered can actually work quite nicely in conjunction with his abilities as an Earth elementalist.

  • Wants nothing more than to move past the heartbreak and personal regrets of his life. To finally be given a chance to redeem himself as a person and escape the downward spiral his life had been in for so long, is an opportunity he doesn't want to waste.

  • He takes absolutely no pleasure in killing others and has a personal contempt for those who genuinely seem to do so. He would only ever kill to survive, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Has a rather severe weakness for cheap booze, cigarettes and beautiful women.

  • Loves both classic 70's/80's rock and smooth jazz.

  • He possesses very little fear of death, having experienced so much of it as a young man living in a crime-ridden slum and being strongly influenced by his older brother's own reckless attitude towards life.
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