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Welcome Player! You have been chosen to participate in the newly-revived Chaos/Order virtual reality MMORPG, where you will have the opportunity to fight for survival amongst other skilled competitors that wish to be the one to be the last one standing and claim their fortune! In debt? Need money? Say no more! Put everything you have on the line and participate today! Will you receive a "Death Sentence" or win it all? How much is your life worth? Join now!

Chaos/Order Re:Start

The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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Name: Rosanna D'Vine
Alias: Rose Shadow
Age and Gender: 26 Female
Alignment*: Villain

Anime Picture Base (Provide a Picture): Jibril (No Game No Life, No Game No Life: Zero)

Personality: Rosanna wears a fake smile. She often lets others believe she is a decent person -- full of life, always with smiles, supportive, caring -- when in truth under the facade she has a completely unpleasant personality. She likes to toy with other people's emotions... She talks about death and pain so lightly, and to her, the ultimate high is watching her enemies suffer. She is a jealous, self-centered woman who only cares for herself and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her way. She dislikes losing, and suffering, and she never wants to be in a position where she is helpless and unfocused.

Background Story:
Rosanna befriends people, even those she doesn't like. She is a very sneaky and conniving individual, but publicly, she is seen to be polite and easy-going to get along with others and keep up a good appearance. Rosanna once injured her friend Suzie by pushing her down the stairs so she can get the lead role in the ballet recital. She was responsible for spreading the rumor of her History teacher Mr. Ricky molesting his students, resulting to his job loss and imprisonment, over getting a B+ in a paper she worked hard for and expected an A. She was also the one who killed and skinned her neighbor's cat, Puffy, in the middle of the night because it woke her up. And no one even thought it was her, or even had a hint of suspicion.. how could they? Rosanna is a sweet and caring girl... but what she also is, is careful and calculating.

This was carried on to her adult life, she never changed. Once she started a relationship with a man named Felix -- a man so mature and had life figured out. Rosanna, thinking that she had found the love of her life, loved him deeply... that was, until she finds out that Felix is a married man with a child on the way. Felix swore that his love for her was true, but that didn't stop Rosanna from burning down his house while he and his pregnant wife were still asleep that night. And as you may have guessed, the police were convinced that it was all just a tragic accident... Even if Rosanna had a motive, there was no evidence that traced the incident back to her... and the case was closed.

The only person who knew of her tendencies is her step brother, Vincent. He has caught her torturing a mouse when they were little, and Rosanna would openly talk about her love for torture and desire to end one's life and destroy their dreams. He knew about her fantasies of planting a blade onto another's chest and how amazing it makes her feel to know that someone's dying by her hands. He knew about how she got off to smut and physically hurting someone else for her pleasure. But that knowledge died with him. He was one of the fallen players of the original Chaos/Order.

The Reason Why You're in Debt:
Rosanna loved a good life and she was very materialistic, and she loved being surrounded by glitters and gold, and she loved going on vacations and expensive trips. She started borrowing more and more money than she could pay back with her job as a make up artist. She thought that her resourcefulness was enough to avoid paying the loan sharks, that she could hide and skip town... but they always had their way to find her. She is over $200,000 in debt with interest piling up every day. A glimmer of light finally appeared before her when she was offered a unique opportunity to pay her debts and start over with possibly more money in her pocket than she owed. She loved the idea of it, because in this, she doesn't have to hide her crimes. She can kill at plain sight. It is a world made for her.

Class: Archer
Weapon of Choice: Glowing Bow and Arrow (Summoned by magic.)
Rosanna has little to no armor, so she avoids physical damage and getting hit as much as possible with her quickness and agility.
Rosanna "Rose Shadow" 4613157320_46d27f69ef

Attack Moves:
BASIC ARROW (Black) | A simple shot of a wooden arrow. It's for basic attack for enemies and creatures. One shot kills a weak enemy.
TRACKER ARROW (Black and Green Stripes) | This kind of arrow tracks an enemy wherever they go and the longer it tracks, the faster it becomes and the better its prediction on where the enemy is going becomes.
DARK FLAMING ARROW (Orange) | Once shot, the Flaming Arrow ignites black fire from its nock to the arrow head, burning the enemy or items hit. The more times used, the bigger the flame becomes.
BOOM ARROW (Red) | Arrows that explode three seconds after hitting its target. The more it is practiced, the bigger the explosion is.

Defense Moves:
BLINDING ARROW (Yellow) | An arrow is shot to wards the target, not necessarily hitting them, but temporarily blinding/stunning them, comparable to a flashbang. This is best for distraction so one can hit a target easier with another arrow, it is also good for escaping.
WEB ARROW (Blue) | An arrow is shot near a single or a group of enemies, spreading a translucent web that causes the targets to be stuck, therefore slowing their movements.
POISON ARROW (Purple) | Arrows that are covered in lethal poison. It slows down the enemy, and as the power gets stronger, it would turn them ill and even kill them.

Special Attacks:
BOOM BOOM BOOM (Red, Area Attack) | Three arrows are shot at once covering different places. This is used to trap and/or hit a running target (or multiple targets) and all of them explode simultaneously.
RAIN OF ARROWS (Pink, Area Attack) | An arrow is shot up the sky, and once it falls, it returns as multiple arrows in an intense speed going down an entire area. The "fall" are completely random so it can hit anyone, even allies.
STUPID CUPID (Silver, w/ Heart Shaped Arrowhead) | A non-damage inflicting arrow. Once a target is hit, they "Fall in love" with her for a short time, resulting to them being a slave of their love and blindly following her orders (temporary mind control)
ARROW BLAZE (Gold) | As the arrow travels at an intense speed, it turns into a lighting bolt, causing an intense physical damage to the target it hits.

Special Skills:
AGILITY/SPEED | She barely has any armor, so she can move and run at different speeds, and can sneak up on anyone without being noticed.
PRECISION AND ACCURACY | No matter where she is standing or where she shoots the arrow from, it will hit the target.
KNIFE THROW | She has a few small knives kept around her body, mostly used for emergencies and for short-range targets.
SELF PRESERVATION | She always has a way to hide and evade. She uses her resources to escape on short notice if necessary.
LOW FLIGHT | Flight / Levitation at least 6 Ft. high. Gets higher when skill is practiced more. Also can shoot arrows as she is levitated.

Discord Name: the consigliere
Special Information: Rosanna is a very skilled shooter. She spent a lot of time practicing at shooting ranges.

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