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Chaos/Order Re:Start

The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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Roleplay/Scenes Cooltext288402219027605
The ROLEPLAY/SCENES Section is specifically made for your written scenes. This is your character's development where you can state how you are feeling, share thoughts and opinions as a character, or even brag about special abilities.

What are the rules? Here are the rules!
1. Be in character at all times. You can post something relevant to the story, or something random. You can do past or present or your visions for the future. You can do it in any form  -- Scenes, Dialogues/Script, Poetry or just Spoken words -- whatever inspires you!
2. Show respect and have fun! Avoid certain types of offensive material or personal attacks. Sign often for more activity.
3. You can read the chapters and address potential foes or make scenes with your allies. But always remember - KEEP ALL ROLE PLAYS OPEN ENDED. Remember that anything can happen within the story.

It's optional to do this, but if you want to give the writers some idea on how your character speaks, or their tendencies, or if you just want to write something for fun, then feel free to post here!
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Roleplay/Scenes :: Comments

Re: Roleplay/Scenes
Post on Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:51 am by IQ
IQ Pool: All scenes of mine are trademarked, and not allowed for reuse or profit, YOU LOW IQ LOSERS! GO STEAL FROM SOMEONE ELSE! Huh what, I can't break the fourth wall? But I just did, anyways let me tell you about my great path here.

Before I was on route to being a champion in this game, I was a champion in life. Born Champ in fact.

™️In IQ’s dreamscape an overly sensationalized version of his valedictorian speech at a graduation is shown. He no doubt was valedictorian, but it is impossible it was such a grandiose moment. The crowd of students are all cheery and loud supporting him, and they even start throwing red confetti to celebrate this occasion. For a small moment, the scape breaks to reveal tomato splatter at his podium, but quickly returns to his glowing ceremony.™️

I was always on track for true greatness, my best friend Mr. Stewart always said so on my report cards! Before I was a model citizen, I was a model student, I always got along with teachers and they loved me for it. Those years were great. Of course, when I became a model citizen I realized that teachers are just over paid moochers with government and union support, and I focused on being an integral part of this great country of ours. Just last week, I reported some doofus staying here illegally after he let it slip that Kinder Surprise was his favourite chocolate as a kid despite telling my parents three years ago he was born here. That shit’s been banned here for over 40 years! I bet it was a Surprise!, when immigration showed up. I didn’t dislike him and I appreciate legal foreigners, but the law is the law! The other night, I saw his wife crying in her car and it broke my heart. I can’t believe he did that to her, it isn't gentleman like to not be able to care for your own woman, he should have just followed the rules.

™️IQ is slapped upside his head by his mother who had come down to the basement to snap him out of it. ™️

Mom: Didn’t I tell you to go looking for a job today? Why is it that you look like you’ve been re binge  watching that Nick and Dusty show?

™️IQ completely tunes her out as soon as she said that and goes into his own universe in his mind.™️

Jesus, someone with a high IQ would know it’s called Rick and Morty!

™️She slaps him again.™️

Mom: At least go find a nice woman out there and give me grandkids!

™️She leaves in a huff, and IQ ponders on this.™️

I must admit I’m no longer in my prime. I was quite the chick magnet as a young kid. When the other kids were learning to hold hands, kissing, and all that juvenile stuff I was already doing the grown up stuff you’d see on Fifty Shades of Grey, or whatever movie chicks love these days. I was the first bondage experience for half of the girls at my school, the look on their face whenever they tied me up with jump rope and gagged my mouth shut with tape was always a sight to be hold, I bet no other guy has even seen them that pleasured even after all these years. The hours stuffed into lockers tied up could get kind of boring though, but as a gentleman I never complained as I knew they were just trying to keep me locked up for themselves and kept away from other girls trying to steal me, so possessive, but girls are like that. I spoiled them.

But then I met Alexandra, or well sort of chatted with her for a few years growing up, either way that total scumbag manipulative she demon! She ruined everything. She challenged all the stories I told her about my relationship with women, made me doubt how good they were, and sometimes pushed a “healthy” lifestyle on me! Who was she, my mom?! Acting like she cared about my brains and my future, there’s was nothing weird about spending my allowance on cam girls! If she really cared, she’d had sent me pics, who wouldn’t do that for a supreme man like myself? Instead, she liked to play with a child!

It really screwed me up. How am I supposed to get a full time job when all the interviews keep having women there? Such situations always make me nervous….plus they keep replacing men, even a show which had males for 15 years straight as main character now has a female lead!

I-I-I mean, not like I want a full time job or anything, that’s for suckers, wage slaves! I did so well in freelance programming! I had all the funds for to pay for extra skins and characters in my favorite game of Overorder on the NexusChaos 5! Not to mention commissions for my OC, Cassandra…..the perfect woman. She’s smart, kind, beautiful, loyal, and unforgiving towards evil doers. She’d go from making my morning coffee… telling me the most important news of the day…….to DESTROYING anyone who speaks ill of me or tries to cheat me….I mean destroy them uh verbally, yeah. Aww I can’t be a coward, I’m sure I’ll get more funds soon for someone who wants a site redesigned or needs a night shift security guard for a few months…..gotta commission more of her…not to mention there’s new skins in Overorder….plus I have to roll for a 5 star fighter in the game before my online bros made fun of me! Just you wait, I’ll be king of the world!

™️In present time, IQ is sulking, burying his face and sorrows into the large tits of a robot maid girl he summoned.™️

It’s just not the same, sure you look good, but these are metallic, I’m sure Cassandra has synthetic human feeling flesh.

But why must I be kept from my true love? Why is this guy messing with me?

I can tell, he isn’t the type to care about sex and love. That man has the eyes of a survivor. His IQ probably isn’t too low. Come to think of it…He said he needs help, and he can help me….so why is he so malicious? Is he not house trained in common human interactions in building teams?

He was in that group, could it be that he’s upset I didn’t take over? That I left him under the influence of that disgusting female “boss lady” they have?

He’s too OP to be working for her, I’d be upset too if I was him. But I didn’t mean to deprive them from a true leader! I was wrong to leave them to their eventual death under her leadership. But why isn’t he, he who has so much power, not the leader? It must be he isn’t good with the necessary social skills needed, people don’t follow people like him no matter how powerful they are. Maybe he and I aren’t so different in that regard. I just have to convince him….prove to him, we’d be better as mutual allies. Maybe we could even dominate this place together, and if he doesn’t want to I’ll have to figure something out on my own.

™️His robot maid time limit is up, she disappears and IQ faceplants into the sand.  After a few seconds he grips at the sand and lifts an arm up throwing sand into the air as the scene ends™️
Re: Roleplay/Scenes
Post on Thu May 31, 2018 11:29 pm by Rosanna "Rose Shadow"
Roleplay/Scenes Cooltext288402383590846
Good people are bad people that were never caught. 

I hid in the shadows for so long... Because that is to be expected. 

Rosanna looks left and right in the small pond surrounded by stones. The coast is clear!

She sets aside her inventory satchel before she removes her white robe that barely covered her skin, but she still considered an outfit. Next she takes off her top and covers her front with her arm. This was hardly the time to take a bath, but from all the running and the heat of the sun, she needed some break.

She tugs her wings, hoping to remove them while she took a bath. She wings felt very light to be on her back, but she just assumed it was part of a code to not have her notice that she was carrying these aesthetics. She kept yanking her wings off but all it did was hurt her. This is impossible. I think it's literally glued to me. 

After some work, she lefts out a heavy sigh. She had finally given up removing her wings and just jumped right in the pond. The middle part of it was deep but she swam to the side where she could sit on one of the stones. And from there, it felt peaceful. She closed her eyes as the warm, soothing water washed her naked body. 

She felt something move under her, which startled her. A rapid movement. She stands up to look under the waters and then there was nothing. She feels it again, right behind her... this fear that she feels. Is it an underwater creature? Is something about to attack her? Did someone set up a trap?

She summons her glowing bow and arrow with magic and wastes no time to point a wooden arrow right to the water. If it were invisible, she would at least catch her form. Her eyes were clear and sharp, and if anything moved, her precision could kill it in under a second. Seconds pass by, and nothing was moving. She decides to discard the bow and arrow, as she sits back down on the water, with caution. 

And a second time it moves again. Rosanna realized what it was. She stopped worrying, because it was her worrying that caused it to move to begin with. It was her wings. It was not only attached to her, but it was a part of her... a part of her body... like an extra limb. She smiles and thinks to herself how amazing it would be to test it out more later... see how high she can fly. 

She leans back and let the wind hit her face. "Hmm... Winning this game... would be the best thing ever. It would certainly get the loan sharks off of my back."

"I can get a house... a nicer apartment. I won't have to settle for freebies." She giggles to herself imagining the possibilities. Thinking about how much money she can walk out of, and all the things she can buy with her prize money... 

Rosanna thought about how a week ago she moved to another place just to escape. She figured if she got a new ID with a new name and a new identity, the horror would stop from there. But she was wrong. Her ears picked up a sound of knocking on a wooden door. Her memory... her imagination. It made her heart jump when someone comes over to her tiny apartment, it made her think that any day it would be one of the loan sharks who would collect money that she doesn't have. Dozens of thoughts ran through her head at the time. What if she robbed a store? What if she took money from someone else? She wanted to execute a plan... but none of the payouts of said plans would be enough to cover the huge amount that she owed. It felt like she could be doing something better with her life than to risk going to jail. Because no matter how calculating she is, no matter how greedy and evil, being free is much better than finding herself behind bars with nowhere to go. 

"It would be the easiest thing to kill someone... to shoot an arrow right to their chest, and no one can say anything about it." Rosanna said to herself. "I can hear it now... Levi's applaud. He will be happy to help me for we are so alike... I hope I can rely on him to get to the end of this game. Once we get out, I'll have him live with me"

Rosanna dips half of her head into the water. But if not, I guess I will have to kill him too. 

She finds herself in a perfect place. No Police. No Law. Nothing that can trace back to her if she left the place in a bloody mess. Nothing that can apprehend her... and finally, no one to tell her that she did any wrong. 
The Fallen
Re: Roleplay/Scenes
Post on Tue May 22, 2018 4:05 pm by The Fallen
The sound of crickets is abuzz within the forest. The wind blows so slightly as Bastion trudges his way through. The warning, that warning has been buzzing within his head. He has to make it through, if he doesn’t then what becomes of him. He looks down at the countdown timer; 5:00 is emblazoned in red, five minutes is all he has, and he’s not even out of the damn thing. 

He climbs up a tree to get a better view, and at the top he sees it, the village. He looks back down on the time 3 minutes remain so he makes a dash for it. “Not the First Round,” Bastion is saying to himself. “I’m not leaving in the first round of this damned thing!”

Along the way Bastion notices more people coming from behind him, but a pale complexion is seen upon their skin. They are frightened, they seem to be running from something or running with as if they’ve made the biggest mistake of their life. They catch a glimpse of him and shout “Wait for us! We were in the wrong place!” Bastion continues picking up speed, he can’t take on any dead weight. 

1 minute remains as he looks back down the countdown timer. The voices of the group behind him begin to panic even more as he hears the shouts begin to have a more desperate tone about them “Shit, Shit, Shit! We fucked up badly!” the group leader starts saying. Fear is among them, and yet Bastion doesn’t feel anything. If they weren’t aware of it now, this game, isn’t just that, they needed to be smart and if they got caught up in something why should Bastion care, they weren’t looking at this as life and death.

 5….4….3….2….1. The timer starts to beep but Bastion doesn’t glance, time is up and he can see the end of the forest. But with his new found discovery, he also hears new sounds.
Bastion makes it to the edge of the forest but due to his curiosity he looks behind him. He notices rustles in the bushes and the trees start to give way. Whatever is coming, whatever has it’s sight on him, it’s coming quick. Yet Bastion can’t move, Bastion doesn’t want to move, he’s stuck with his curiosity. “Oh is this what they mean by curiosity kills the cat,” Bastion chuckles but inside he’s afraid. A figure breaks through the line and all Bastion can do is remember how he got here.

--Mortera Residence, A Week Before The Game—

The home isn’t outstanding but it isn’t run down. In one room, Bastion and his brother Joseph, convene looking over Joseph’s college choices. “I can’t believe it,” Joseph says astounded “They all said yes, they all want me.” Joseph is starting to cry

Bastion pats his back. “Look, I told you that you had the drive to do it, just don’t forget your brother when you go on to do great things.” He laughs and gives Joseph a hug. It was one of those moments that brought some light into this depressive life. Bastion hated his father, Bastion didn’t know what to think of his mother, but all he had right now was to help his brother reach his dreams and to get out of this hole. 

Endless nights, endless moments, all paying off right here, and he’s finally happy. But now the next thing comes. How to pay for it. If Joseph goes to one of the local schools then they’d be fine, but Bastion doesn’t want that for him, he wants Joseph to get every opportunity that can propel him forward, so he needs the money for that but what to do.

--Los Angeles, A Day Before The Launch—

“It’s been shitty but I think I finally got a lead.” Bastion says placing down a paper for Chaos/Order. Joseph looks at it and is perplexed. “A video game? I’m not understanding, do you want to buy it?? What’s this got to do with my college?” 

Bastion laughs, “No, no look and use those eyes of yours and read. This thing is supposed to pay good money, and all I got to do is play a video game.” Joseph picks up the paper and reads the title of it, and becomes unsettled.

“Bas, this is Chaos/Order, do you not remember what the last one did to everyone who did it. Everyone but three people died! I want to go to college but not like this!” Bastion takes the paper, and consoles his brother.

“Look Joseph, it’s not the same. Chaos/Order was under people who didn’t give a fuck about other’s well-beings, but this one is under a new company, and new life, and they just need play testers, people to make sure that everything is ok. And it’s pays big, we both could be living comfortably. No more having to deal with Dad’s alcoholism, no more having to worry bout making ends meet, we could live comfortable!” 

Joseph looks his brother in the eye, and back at the paper, he concedes “You’re right, we could. Alright do it, but I’m still not so sure about it.” Bastion put his arm around his brother, “You worry too much, as long as I just do me, and get throw this, your brother is going to be just fine.”

--Chaos/Order, Forest outside of the Village—

The figure breaks through and he sees the leader of the group that was behind him. Bastion was worried for nothing, and the annoyance shown on his face. But he looked at the man’s face and saw a look of fear. Then before he could react the screams started. It was horrifying, everyone screaming, everyone and then everyone being silenced, one by one, the screams went away as quick as they came. The man, catches his breath, and looks towards Bastion.

 “Run! You got to Run!, Those things, They’re back there, they’re coming, and—” He was cut off by the leg that ran through his chest. Bastion could do nothing but look on as the man’s body convulsed and was lifted off the ground. In came into view was a monstrosity, and then Bastion did the one thing he could do with no weapons, Run! 

Bastion ran as the image seared into his mind of the man’s body losing life as he made his getaway. He ran into the village and a feeling of sickness came over him, he knew the odds, he knew the possibilities after the Man in White told them, but he wasn’t certain how bad it would get. He gained his composure and reminded himself, “A New life awaits, just got to get through this day. One Day at a time and I’m out.” Bastion grabs his satchel. He stands for a bit before heading off his own way, not even thinking of getting into a group, because he has no idea who will do what, all he knows is he’ll do what ever is necessary, not only to have a good life after, but to not fail his brother. Bastion's time as Bastion ends as he beings his new life as The Fallen.

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Re: Roleplay/Scenes
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