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Welcome Player! You have been chosen to participate in the newly-revived Chaos/Order virtual reality MMORPG, where you will have the opportunity to fight for survival amongst other skilled competitors that wish to be the one to be the last one standing and claim their fortune! In debt? Need money? Say no more! Put everything you have on the line and participate today! Will you receive a "Death Sentence" or win it all? How much is your life worth? Join now!

Chaos/Order Re:Start

The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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Several years have passed since the World mourned for the loss of thousands taken in the “Chaos/Order” virtual reality game that was once believed to start a revolution. V-Trix Gaming, the company behind the game, has long since been shut down and every asset liquidated along with it. George Dean, V-Trix Gaming’s Chairman, remains in prison to this day for allowing this tragedy to happen.

Many believed the nightmare had ended long ago, but now a mysterious woman by the name of Lydia Richter and her team have procured the source code of Chaos/Order. With it, she has sought out investors to breathe life back into the dangerous game, with the intention of revising it into her own vision. Only one investor heeded her call: a man by the name of Vincent Murrow - a well known controversial billionaire with a penchant for high-risk gambling to entertain him and his wealthy acquaintances. Richter catered to Murrow’s obsession with gambling to feed her own obsession with the defunct game, using one another to get what they want.

Murrow took his own creative control for it with the reluctant assistance of Richert, beginning with those who will participate in it: ordinary men and women alike that are all massively in debt and seek for a chance to dig their way out, and perhaps even become rich themselves along the way. They will volunteer to participate in the game, and must agree to the terms that only one of them will make it back both out of debt and a new lease on life. These indebted, cursed people will fight amongst themselves within Richter’s new land built upon the ashes of what was once Chaos/Order, all for the chance to start over. However, they must do this knowing full well they will kill one another to make it a reality. Each participant will have their own unique abilities, but each and every one of them will also have but three lives - each one carrying a 250,000 dollars to it should they keep at least one and win the game by outlasting the others. Should you lose all three lives, you will be given a “Death Sentence” and immediately die in real life. Lost lives can also be brought back by taking the life of another. It is a deadly and inhumane game pitting poor, unfortunate souls against one another for the sheer entertainment of those with enough wealth that watching these people destroy one another for money is as priceless as anything they’ve ever known.
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