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Welcome Player! You have been chosen to participate in the newly-revived Chaos/Order virtual reality MMORPG, where you will have the opportunity to fight for survival amongst other skilled competitors that wish to be the one to be the last one standing and claim their fortune! In debt? Need money? Say no more! Put everything you have on the line and participate today! Will you receive a "Death Sentence" or win it all? How much is your life worth? Join now!

Chaos/Order Re:Start

The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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PostSubject: Nisaku Shimura   Nisaku Shimura I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2018 2:58 pm

Name: Nisaku Shimura
Alias: The Black Knight
Age and Gender: 18 and Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Anime Picture Base (Provide a Picture): Yuichiro Hyakuya (From Owari-No-Seraph)
Nisaku Shimura Yuichiro_by_giannysuki-d8olc6p

Personality: A reserved yet peaceful young man Nisaku is also quite an analytic person. Though Nisaku was a very competent swordsman, trained by his father Ryu from a very young age, he dislikes having to use it, as it means he must inflict damage onto others, which he despises. Although Nisaku has made a personal vow to endure as much pain as possible to protect and defend those who cannot do so for themselves, namely his younger siblings, whom are the ones he has entered Chaos/Order for.

Background Story: Nisaku is the eldest of three children, born to Ryu and Misaki. As a Colonel of the Japanese-Self-Defense-Forces, Ryu was often away from home for long periods of time. Nisaku had become adjusted to this reluctantly as he at least maintained the memories of a time when his father was home more than a handful of times throughout the year. What angered him was that his younger siblings Hotaru and Tsubasa. Growing up with his naturally reserved disposition, Nisaku hardly showed his emotions towards others (a trait he retains to this day). At school Nisaku was almost a ghost to everyone around him. The only person he grew close to in any way was a boy by the name of Minoru Yamamoto who shared many classes with him. Minoru and Nisaku spent a lot of time together and this made Misaki happy, as Minoru seemed to be slowly but surely pulling Nisaku out of his shell. Ryu was also very pleased with this whenever he was around.

Everything seemed to be going splendidly in the life of Nisaku and his family until a year ago, Misaki got a phone call that would change all of their lives. Misaki was informed that her husband Ryu had been murdered while deployed on foreign land. Misaki was heart broken. Tsubasa as a baby wasn’t quite old enough to understand what happened, but was deeply saddened by the fact that “daddy wasn’t coming back anymore.” Hotaru cried on for weeks and weeks. Nisaku watched all this pain around him, just when everything was at an all time high in his life, this tragedy just HAD to occur. Nisaku’s psyche was shattered. He closed off even more than he ever had before.

The Reason Why You're in Debt: Thanks to their father’s’ passing, Nisaku, Hotaru, and Tsubasa were all raised solely by their mother Misaki. Nisaku being a teenager at the time basically raised himself. With Nisaku’s 18th birthday, he finally was old enough to make a difference in more ways than emotional support for his family. This excited his younger brother and sister, but worried his mother. No way she could lose Nisaku just as she’d lost Ryu. However Nisaku quickly realized he was not ready for this sort of responsibility and sought desperately for a way to get out of the financial issues he quickly found himself in. He was forced to leave Misaki, Hotaru, and Tsubasa so he could enter Chaos/Order to make for a better living for his younger siblings at the potential cost of his own life. He requested for Minoru to watch over them for him as he of course would not be around for a long time, potentially ever again.

Class: Rogue
Weapon of Choice: Katana dubbed Ryū no kiba (Dragon Fangs), a poisonous blade. The poison is a slow type that lingers on.
Nisaku Shimura _18_yuu__owari_no_seraph__by_natsuki_aoi-d90dob0
Attack Moves: Spin Slash (A slash attack that can be performed on the ground or mid air, Nisaku will perform a front flip and slash down with his sword into an opponent.)
Tornado Strike (Nisaku will leap into the air above his opponent then point his sword to the ground and descend into them in a spiraling motion)
Needle Flurry (Reaching into his pocket, Nisaku will quickly fling a handful of poison tipped needles at his opponent, specifically aiming for places like the forearms and neck to quickly get the poison into the bloodstream of his opponent)
Defense Moves: Counter-Slash (Nisaku will purposely stand open as his opponent attempts to strike him, he will then quickly raise his blade up and quickly attack his opponent before they can hit him)
Spirit Stab (Used to counter oncoming opponents, Nisaku will quickly sidestep them as they approach him and stab them in the torso)
Special Attacks: Remember the Name (Nisaku will quickly rush an opponent and slash the Letter N into their chest, before slashing their head off while they are stunned.)
Special Skills: Teleportation (Very basic for the time being. Can only teleport within his field of vision and can only be used 3 times a day. Nisaku will become more proficient with this ability as he uses it)
Speed and Agility (Nisaku is incredibly fast and very nimble, making him a very difficult target to catch and hit.)
Dragon Spirit (Will only activate when on the brink of death, Nisaku’s mind will be taken over and he’ll act on instinct alone. All rational thinking and personality will be lost from him while in this state. His raw physical abilities including power, speed, stamina, and durability will all be amped, however he’ll be on a short timer. Once this time has expired, Nisaku will be completely exhausted and most likely pass out from the use of this ability)
Nisaku Shimura QPk8qxzCIuB

Discord Name: HybridIntellectual
Special Information: Nisaku’s favorite food is Curry, he’s a lover of spicy foods in general however. He has an immense resolve to survive and win the games so he can earn the money for his family. This unshakable will makes him almost impossible to manipulate under most circumstances, however you tell him specifically what he’d want to hear about his mother and siblings and you’ve basically made him into your puppet. Has a tendency to go out of his way to defend innocent people. Being a wanderer, he travels throughout the world only ever really stopping for sustenance and rest. While Nisaku does stand for justice, he stands for his own brand of such. That being that all should be able to stand up and defend themselves. Yet he still takes pity on those who are defenseless and this angers him as it conflicts with his ideals.
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Nisaku Shimura
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