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Chaos/Order Re:Start

The anime-inspired story has returned in a new way with new rules!
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Rian Reaves

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PostSubject: The Grim Reaver   The Grim Reaver I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2018 5:43 am

Name: Rian Reaves
Alias: "The Bone Collector" ; "The Grim Reaver"
Age and Gender: 35/Male/Ja-- Oh, you weren't asking for ASL.
Alignment*: Lawful Evil

Anime Picture Base (Provide a Picture): Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)
The Grim Reaver 1447333345-1b71cc4a2b2e6f8b55be6410e1dbb294

Personality: Cunning. Manipulative. Patient. Cerebral. Dry. Insincere. Aggressive.

Background: Former Defense Attorney. Former Drug Lord. Convicted Felon.

Rian Reaves. Infamously known as "The Bone Collector" or "The Reaver".

Perhaps the only contestant that is known world-wide. Coming from a wealthy family, Reaves passed the BAR Exam at age 23, certified to practice law in the state of Arizona (And later on, the state of California.) Via his father’s passing - Rian inherited the Reaves family business at age 24 - The Drug Capital of the Western Front.

The DEA coined the phrase, “The Bone Collector” as the perpetrator behind a trend of drug-related killings in the West, that left the victims without specific limbs of their bodies at the scene of the crime. “The Bone Collector” became an urban legend - the head huncho of the United States’ most dangerous drug cartel. Whisperings suggested that when a hit was ordered, “The Bone Collector” wouldn’t just send any man to do the job - he’d complete the deed himself. Wearing a hockey mask and wearing the bones of former clients who betrayed him or couldn’t pay - with a Great Sword to accompany and complete the business “transaction”.

A half decade’s worth of this wild, wild drug west led the media to coin the era, “The Grand Grieving” - but would later call it “The Grand Reaving” once it was discovered who was behind the entire operation. Police couldn’t figure out why any time they had a lead on the operation, key witnesses or key evidence would suddenly disappear. It became apparent later that Rian used the preliminary trial proceedings to get the prosecution and police to reveal their sources - and hence, be able to protect his guys, or himself - any time they were pinched.

Rian’s reign as “The Grim Reaver” lasted 5 years, until his 29th birthday. He promised himself at age 27, when his daughter was born, that he’d pass the family business onto his brothers. But he knew that was a lie. He enjoyed the thrill far too much. It was a game to him, a game of chaos and order. Everyone was his pawn, as he was able to orchestate the chess board from both points of views. In his profession, he was revered and respected as one of the most diligent defense attorneys in the state. Only if they knew the amount of calculation that went into protecting his hidden life. His wife never caught on until it was too late. At least that’s her testimony. Rian was the kingpen of the world’s bloodiest organization - and only by sheer coincidence, did his name come of infamy.

Police uncovered a phone recording of a 30 year old female victim.

“Oh my god, oh my god he’s here. [Excessive panting] How the [extracted] does he know? [Inaudible screech] I don’t have much time... RRD. RRD! R.R.D! [Window smash, foot steps and commotion following] Please… No… Please, I didn’t say anything. [Excessive screaming] PLEASE, I’M BEGGING YO-- [Screaming] PLEASE [Inaudible struggling] [THUNK]”

The woman was found the next morning decapitated. Her head was never found. However, the phone recording was. The identity of the woman would be later revealed as Rian’s sister-in-law. Her death wouldn’t be in vain, however, as the initials “RRD” represented Rian’s law firm. From there, investigators pieced together the evidence, gave Rian bait, and he firmly took it and uncovered himself as “The Bone Collector”. They arrested him on the spot, with the mystery finally over. Rian’s wife Gwen filed for divorce soon after, and when Rian threatened to kill her, she and their daughter Keera were placed in a witness protection program, never having to see him again.

The entire country watched the trial to ensue. With enough evidence to convict Rian to life, or even execution, the prosecution fully intended to throw the book at him. But the man has a reputation, and witnesses were already weary to testify against him. So when the first witness called to the stand didn’t show up to court, it only manifested the anxiety. He was later found in a pool of blood in his own bathtub, “suicide”. No other witnesses dared to testify after that, and a major portion of the prosecution’s case relied on their testimony. They tried to pin the death on Rian, but his sound argument was that he had been locked up for a year +, and didn’t take part in the discovery process of the trial. The prosecution had no choice but to take a plea deal. A man who should have gotten life received a 10 year sentence, with chance of parole after 5. They got their man, but couldn’t pin him. He was out in 5 and a half.

He no longer has his empire, nor his family. Everybody knows him by name and appearance, so he dyed his hair completely white. He joins this game to garner a large sum of money to track down his family, and get his daughter back. Or at least that’s what he says. Maybe it’s to dish one last regard, or to collect one last debt, on his wife. Maybe it is truly honest intentions, just to be back with his family once and for all. It’s hard to say. Regardless, he needs that money to bribe a former informant, who is willing to exchange their location for a grand portion of the Chaos/Order winnings.

So “The Reaver” has one last debt to recover. And he fully intends to turn Chaos and Order, into sport once more.

The Reason Why You're in Debt***: Prison. Read above.

Weapon of Choice: Great Sword (Called "Indictment")

Quick Slash - Indictment doesn't change form. Rian runs quick and strikes an opponent lightning-speed. The opponent doesn't feel the damage as it hits them, that is, until they see they are wounded.
Dark Scar (Area Attack) - Indictment turns into a black sword. The dark energy from the sword will strike a group of enemies in one blow.
The Lion Eyes - Indictment absorbs an enemy's attack and reflects it back to them with twice it's original power.

Crystal Strike - Indictment turns into crystal. Once Rian strikes the air with the Crystal Strike, small shards of crystal release from the sword. When the shards are dug into an opponent's skin, they will fall under temporary hallucination, immobilizing them.
The Force - Indictment turns invisible, and surrounds Rian (and some allies) in an invisible Force Field. This is often used to hide from an opponent or planning a defense, or buying time for an escape plan. Also used as a protective barrier that cannot be broken.

Special Attack:
Blue Eyes White Dragon - Rian cuts his skin, and his blood is used as "Sacrifice" for Indictment's accelerated power. Indictment turns dark blue. This is Rian's ultimate technique. Once he hits an opponent, blue flames spread through their body, and electricity surrounds them, intensifying the pain and may cut their oxygen supply if not stopped.
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